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Blackdog OG

Blackdog OG is a hybrid strain with dominant indica variety. The Zoo Seeds crossed the genetics of Blackberry Kush strain with Emerald Headband strain. The result is a cannabis plant that appears to have an impressive dark hue and has a vigorous structure. It composed of huge and small buds coated with a high amount of resin. 

Flavor and Effects of Blackdog OG

The Blackdog OG cannabis strain has a very strong scent and flavors which are well blended of grapes with touches of oil and berry. This is likewise relatively powerful along with the soothing and boosting impact that usually begins in the mind. It is afterward changed to an enduring impression of peaceful body effect. No question to ask, it is certainly a strain that assists you to loosen up and be comfortable.

Medical Benefits of Blackdog OG

The cannabis strain Blackdog OG is asserted to be excellent for dealing with people enduring various ailments like persistent pressure and stress. It could also help those suffering from depression. It is also perfect for the treatment of lasting pain, severe headaches, and sleeplessness.

Negative Effects of Blackdog OG

The strain is capable of generating adverse effects like dryness of the mouth and eyes. It could even lead to paranoid thoughts and anxiety manifestation which can only happen when the strain is consumed at large percentage dosage. 

Growing Blackdog OG

The Blackdog OG strain can be developed and grow both indoor and outdoor growing environments. However, the strain can thrive well when outdoor under a warm and sunny climate. It also prefers a dry growing area to avoid the development of molds and mildew.