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Blackberry cannabis strain is one of the smoothest strains you can smoke today. It is also a well-balanced to give you the best of sativa and indica effects. On the overall, it comes with a beautiful high and guarantees you a good time. The strain was created by Nirvana Seeds and ended up to be the most popular all over the West Coast.

As for genetics, the breeder crossed Black Domina, and Raspberry Cough strains to end up with Blackberry strain. It should have some of the best effects of both parents to match up to its popularity. The strain is recommended for indoor cultivation is you want a high yield.

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry

From its name, you are expecting a sweet flavor. Well, that is what you actually get, as the strain tastes like sweet berries. This is upon inhalation. The flavor also has diesel notes once the smoke is in your mouth. Whenever you exhale, you will experience a sweet hash flavor. This makes you crave for more of the strain.

Blackberry is known for its long list of pleasant effects. The most common would be that it can help you relax and calm you down. If you are always jumpy, this strain has something good in store for you. The strain will also make you chatty.

Other effects include feeling euphoric and enlightened. Overall, there is a sense of positivity that kicks in. The high is not too strong to render you couch-locked. So, you should be able to do some things around. However, it is recommended for evening and night use.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry

The pleasurable high as a result of using Blackberry makes it a good choice for medical use. The strain is known for its ability to help with managing pain. It does this by soothing you enough to deal with pain as a result of muscle spasms, injuries, back pain, and chronic migraines.

If you also suffer from chronic stress, the strain helps to alleviate this condition. It is soothing enough to keep the anxiety feeling away so that you can rest easy.

Blackberry is also good to heal inflammation symptoms. This makes it good for conditions such as joint pains and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Blackberry

Though not many, it is possible to end up experiencing some side effects of using Blackberry. Some of these side effects include itchy eyes and dry mouth. This is simply dehydration, so taking water should help clear them.

Growing Blackberry

It is recommended that you grow Blackberry in dry and warm environments. If you want high yields, then grow the plants indoors where the important elements are controlled. Make sure that the environment is well-ventilated as the smell coming from the plants can be strong and pungent.

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