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Blackberry Pie

Blackberry Pie

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Blackberry Pie strain is loved for having a well-engineered and balanced high whenever used. The strain was developed by the Gage Green Group. These Dutch producers crossed Blackberry White Widow and Trainwreck strains.
Having attractive flowers is also a nice appeal to the use of Blackberry Pie strain. Several gardeners have attributed the strain to be easy to grow. As a result, it is often loved by beginners who are looking to grow something easy and enjoy using it too.

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Pie

The strain gives off notes of sweet berries and blueberry when it comes to its flavor. Such fruity smoke in the mouth tends to be quite satisfying for most people. It is possible to also notice woody overtones and incense undertones.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Pie

When it comes to its medical benefits, there is so much to benefit from using Blackberry Pie. Some of the common uses include treating chronic pain or any other pain; let us say from injuries. It is still good for treating cramps and inflammation. You should definitely feel relaxed from having cramps. For those who have a problem with loss of appetite, they can still use it.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Pie

The strain is good in many medical applications, however, it also has some side effects. They include having dry eyes and dry mouths.

Growing Blackberry Pie

The Blackberry Pie strain is not hard to grow. With simple gardening skills, you should be good to go. The best part is that the strain can handle various growth factors such as cold and strong winds.