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Blackberry Newtons

Blackberry Newtons is an automatic flowering of ruderalis/indica/sativa variety and is only available as feminized seed. It is the combination of the strains Mephisto Forgotten Cookies and Sterquiliniis Blackberry Crack (aka Blackberry Cobbler).

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Newtons

Blackberry Newtons has a pungent taste. Its high arrives slowly before its effect becomes truly experienced. When smoked, it can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. It has an enormous feel-good high.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Newtons

Blackberry Newtons is also known to help relaxes and removes pain from the body without making feel tired and groggy. It also helps relieve symptoms of fatigue, joint pains, rheumatism and arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines in some patients. It also soothes feeling of anxiety, allowing the patient to find a state of relaxation and can thoroughly chill out after a very workful day.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Newtons

Blackberry Newtons will most likely make your mouth feel dry and your throat feel dried out. One can have a brief moment of paranoia and dizziness specifically for beginners. 

Growing Blackberry Newtons Some information and Tips

Blackberry Newtons is easy autoflower to grow. It can be cultivated either in and outdoors environments. When growing outdoors, a warm and dry environment is best for the plant. On indoor conditions, it should mimic the environmental elements as closely as possible, with adequate airflow and ventilation. Outdoor crops yield significantly higher than those indoor. It isn’t difficult to trim and is rich in terpenes and has a bit of resin all over it which makes it an ideal candidate for extract works.