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Blackberry Moonshine

Blackberry moonshine is a mostly indica variety. Blackberry moonshine is the parent of Dragons Brew. It was an accidental formation of magic when a Blackberry Jabbas was pollinated by a miss sexed male Prime Moonshine. There were three phenos of blackberry moonshine: (1)Red buds,red hairs which usually appears on a red stem [potent smoke with top bag appeal, taste and a growers’ dream]; (2)Red buds, white hairs appears on red and green stem [has strong tangerine fuel smell, very photogenic and great bag appeal] and; (3)Green bud white hair green stem [most functional high, best frost, but least bag appeal].

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Moonshine

Its high arrives immediately, starting with a light pressure in the head and behind eyes. When smoked, it can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Moonshine

Blackberry Moonshine creates a high that is enjoyable yet easy to manage, which makes it perfect choice in the treatment of many medical conditions. This strain is known for well in managing pain, and can ease conditions such as back pain, muscle spasms and chronic migraines. It also soothes feeling of anxiety, allowing the patient to find a state of relaxation and can thoroughly chill out after a very stressful day.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Moonshine

One can have a brief moment of paranoia and dizziness specifically for beginners. Blackberry Moonshine will most likely make your mouth feel dry and your throat feel dried out with possibly an added headache. 

Growing Blackberry Moonshine Some information and Tips

Blackberry Moonshine is easy to grow most specifically on warm and temperate environments, but can yield on its optimum when kept in a well-controlled indoor environment. It does best in well-ventilated area, in consideration with its quite strong and pungent smell. On indoors, it can take average weeks to flower and be ready for harvest.

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