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Blackberry Kush

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This indica-dominant strain comes from crossing the genetics of Afghani and Blackberry. The strain is incredibly potent and gives the combination of colors in yellow, purple, and black. Under its name “blackberry,” this strain will not give highly berry touches, which you first expect upon the name. This strain is best on surprising the users, so brace yourself when you take on this one.

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Kush

Subtle notes of berry with the high undertones of earth and spice flavor this strain gives on its flavor. This strain gives pretty head high effects in smooth and rough touches. The feeling of happiness would highly be present as it increases the euphoric level, which is responsible for elevating laughter. Also, this strain uplifts the mood or spirit, which will heighten good sides in the sentiments.

Like the hints listening to a ballad song, this strain will make you feel mellow and relaxed but will not drown you in the shallow or depth of laziness. Blackberry Kush will make you want to ask more food as it tends to draw you in a hungry state. Also, this can lull you in asleep or when too much will result in a couch-locked moment.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Kush

This strain is highly preferable to curing the different phases of mood, which elevates chaotic thoughts into a line of tangling it in one piece and organization. Specifically, mood swings, anxiety disorders, depression, and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) would be a cure for this.

Losing its mind, which will draw the brain in the running fast before making you sleep or more considered as insomnia, would be cure by this strain. Hence, this can be also a great remedy on relieving migraines as it draws the pain into the lower level. Also, this will drag you in the long line of eating as much or enough, as it may boost the appetite. Additionally, this will tone inflammation and nausea.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Kush

The most negative effect you can expect on this strain is the drying of the mouth. Sometimes, the drying of eyes or irritation and quite red eyes may happen. Also, this will rarely cause dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. And that will possibly happen when the dosage is way too high or a novice consumer you are.

Growing Blackberry Kush

Growing this strain may be indoors or outdoors. Blackberry Kush hybrid is highly resistant to mold and mildews but known to have troubles with botrytis. Thus, growers must take it away from an environment where spiders might be in. This strain must be rarely topped, and the sunny climate should be highly present. Additionally, growers must take proper measures in the lighting, humidity, and temperature for better yields, aroma, flavor, and height. Here’s a quick tip, do not expose this strain with too much rain as it may kill the plant.

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