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Blackberry Gum

Blackberry Gum is a variety of mostly indica. It is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a bubble gum male plant with a dark female blueberry clone. It is often with dark colorings in its buds and leaves. It is famous for high quality production of yields. This is one of the strongest varieties you will discover with an enormous feel-good high.

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Gum

Blackberry Gum has different tastes: Earthy, spicy and fruity. Its high arrives instantly, starting with a light pressure in the head and behind eyes. When smoked, it can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. It has an enormous feel-good high.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Gum

Blackberry Gum is also known to help treat symptoms of inflammation, easing joint pains, rheumatism and arthritis in some patients. This strain is also recommended for those who suffer from depression allowing them to relax. It can also give people with insomnia some well-deserved sleep. This strain is known for well in managing pain, and can ease conditions such as back pain, muscle spasms and chronic migraines. It also soothes feeling of anxiety, allowing the patient to find a state of relaxation and can thoroughly chill out after a very workful day.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Gum

Blackberry Gum will most likely make your mouth feel dry and your throat feel dried out with possibly an added headache. One can have a brief moment of paranoia and dizziness specifically for beginners. 

Growing Blackberry Gum Some information and Tips

Blackberry gum develops well indoors or outdoors with any grow technique. Its cultivation makes it easy to get the most out of this great cannabis plant with little to no effort.

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