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Blackberry Chem OG

Blackberry Chem OG

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Blackberry Chem OG has been around for a while now. As much as the breeders remain unknown, we know of the parent strains to Blackberry Chem OG. The parents are Blackberry and Chemdawg strains.

The strain is not for amateurs considering that it is a highly potent strain. This makes it one of the strains with high THC levels. For such reasons, it is often recommended for evening use as it can leave you to couch-locked.

Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Chem OG

Thanks to the Blueberry origin, you will end up experiencing berry, sweet, spicy, and chemical flavor from using the strain. Users will tend to get giggly in a short time after they start using it. Other effects include experiencing euphoria, being happy, and relaxing. You can still get sleepy after the high fully kicks in.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Chem OG

The strain has been used to relieve anxiety, arthritis, and chronic pain. This is thanks to its relaxing capabilities that help with dealing with the pain. That is not all as you can use it for insomnia cases. This is common, considering that one of its effects is feeling sleepy.

Negative Effects of Blackberry Chem OG

Being paranoid and anxious are the most common negative effects of using Blackberry Chem OG. Sometimes, you can also end up having dry eyes as a negative effect.

Growing Blackberry Chem OG

Growing this strain is relatively easy. So, if you have beginner gardening skills, you should end up growing it with ease. The yield is relatively moderate considering you put in the effort to grow it properly.

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