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Black is a hybrid strain of indica and sativa variety with majority genetics from indica side. The BC Bud Depot originated from California and Canada. As the name appears, the Black strain develops and grows into a plant with dark purple leaves and most of the time it appears to be in color black. Basing on the High Times Cannabis Cup, the Black strain has gained a spot in the Top ten Strain in the year 2008. 

Flavor and Effects of Black

This strain of cannabis has a very tasty and fruity scent. It also comes with a peppery and similar to berry undertones of flavor. These flavors can be noticed upon the onset of your hit. When exhaled, the strain has a wood-like taste as well and an identifiable grape flavor that is comparable to a glass of wine. The Black strain has an onset effect of indica variety which is a particularly relaxing impression that is great for nigh usage. The strain can also induce the buzzy feeling that puts you in a euphoric state. The instant uplifting of the mood is also experienced from this strain. The high will creep you gradually of your entire body. 

Medical Benefits of Black

The Black cannabis strain can give euphoria to the consumers and with this, it is a higher chance to treat your mood swings and can provide soothing encounters for people diagnosed with depression and other related symptoms. Aside from these, the body pain and aches you are dealing with every day can be easily swift away by just consuming this strain. It can also melt stress and replace it with optimism. Nausea and vomiting which come as side effects of chemotherapy can be reduced and managed by the power of this Black strain. This can also be a great buddy during the night as it can induce sleepiness for people suffering from insomnia. 

Negative Effects of Black

As anticipated from the utilization of this strain of cannabis, the consumers may encounter drying of the mouth and eyes. Though these effects are relatively common, further impacts may still manifest. At a high dosage, many people may encounter heightened anxiety levels and may manifest paranoid behavior and thought. It can also trigger dizziness hence the consumption of this strain should be regulated at all times. 

Growing Black

The cannabis strain Black can be cultivated in a growing area indoor or outdoor. The strain loves to get taken care of and shown care. Despite the scarcity of growing information that the growers provided, the important to note is you may be used hydroponic and soil setup with this plant. It can thrive well under warm and sunny growing conditions and the smell that this strain produce may entice attention.