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Black Velvet

Black Velvet is often a top choice for newbies. This is because it is low in terms of potency and the high kicks in fast, but not hard. It is not just for newbies, but rather everyone who would love to enjoy its effects. The strain has sticky nugs, so rolling a joint can be hard, but it gets easier with time.
As a result of its effects, the strain is seen to be great for just chilling and unwinding. It will also make you feel creative. If you are stuck on some ideas, creativity will kick in.

Flavor and Effects of Black Velvet

Users end up enjoying the sweet berry floral taste and aroma while using the Black Velvet strain. The high kicks in fast, so you might want to be relaxed at home. As for effects, it will make you feel happy, relaxed, and energetic. Since it also makes you feel hungry, keep some edibles close while getting high on this strain.

Medical Benefits of Black Velvet

It is quite a versatile strain considering its applications. Users can have it come in handy for managing pain and stress mostly. That is not all as you can use it for inflammation too. The deep relaxation helps with handling any pain from injuries.

Negative Effects of Black Velvet

When used in excess, you will experience dry eyes and dry mouth. As such, keep the usage in moderation.

Growing Black Velvet

Black Velvet has been found to thrive easily. As a result, it is good for beginners in the marijuana business. The strain also does not need a lot of care and can grow fast as compared to some strains.