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Black Sugar Berry

Johnston’s Genetics thought of combining sugar and berries, and it resulted in an appealing cannabis strain that is not just eye-candy; it has flavorful aromas that are similar to blackberries. 

This Indica leaning strain has the built and structure of its mother, which is the Sugar Black Rose and has the purple color of the Plush Berry.

Flavor and Effects of Black Sugar Berry

This strain inherited both of its parent’s DNA in terms of aroma, tastes, and effects. It has sweet and fruity aromas of blackberries, and its effects are Indica in nature. It’s high is full-bodied, couch locking and sedating. This strain is excellent for afternoon relaxation. 

Medical Benefits of Black Sugar Berry

This strain does not just own appealing beauty; its effects are of high value in the field of Medicine. This strain acts as an analgesic that is suitable in treating different kinds of pain like back pain, muscle pain, fatigue, and chronic pain. Its sedating effects are soothing to patients who are restless from Insomnia and other sleeping problems.

Negative Effects of Black Sugar Berry

Having a positive side means that you also have a negative side, and this cannabis strain is not an exemption. Adverse reactions of this strain may include headache, dizziness, cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Growing Black Sugar Berry

This cannabis plant is relatively manageable to grow, its resilience to mold, pest and fungi made this plant suitable for most of the growers. It can also flourish indoors and will even thrive outdoors. Its short flowering period is also ideal as it means that it requires quicker maintenance.