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Black Strawberries

Riot Seeds formulated a Sativa Dominant hybrid called Black Strawberries cannabis strain. It is a combination of Blackberry and Strawberry Crème and it is known to have compact and dense structures.

Flavor and Effects of Black Strawberries

This marijuana strain has a mouthwatering taste of strawberries with champagne notes. It’s high is like as refreshing as it tastes; it provides a cerebral stimulation that will make you strictly focused and improve your creativity. It offers a deep body and mind relaxation that everyone needs after a long tiring day, making it your best buddy during night time.

Medical Benefits of Black Strawberries

Similar to its Sativa strain relatives, Black Strawberries’ medical benefits are known to ease chronic body pain and muscle tensions. It offers relief to fatigue, helps to improve mood disorders, treats depression and anxiety. They are making it the best choice for patients who are longing for full body deep relaxation and looking for therapeutic benefit. It is one of the best aids in managing appetite problems such as Anorexia.

Negative Effects of Black Strawberries

Dry red eyes, cottonlike mouth, and dry throat are the usual effects of Black Strawberries cannabis strain. To avoid severe effects like a massive headache, dizziness and paranoia, consumers might consider regulating their dosage. 

Growing Black Strawberries

This cannabis plant can be grown indoors with 70 days of the flowering period and can also thrive in outdoors set up. It is an ideal plant to grow because it is resilient to molds and pests.