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Black SkunkBerry

This strain comes from the indica parent Super Skunk and a hybrid Blackberry Male. It comes from Apothecary Genetics (with other genetics) that is being bred by JG Seeds created by the Icemasters.

Black Skunk Berry has known origins from countries of Mexico, Afghanistan, Nepal, Colombia, and the United States. Now, you can find it available in various dispensaries for its potent properties.

Flavor and Effects of Black Skunk Berry

Expect a load of flavors that includes fruity, earthy, spicy, piney, and sour. The potent flavor and taste can differ with each user of this cannabis. Enjoy the time of entertainment provided by this strain as it gets you relaxed and gets relief from physical concerns. It can even get you creative and euphoric.

Medical Benefits of Black Skunk Berry

Get over with your stress and be calm with this strain giving the benefits of feeling euphoric, numbness, appetite gain, and relief from pain. Be energized physically and mentally as you gain your appetite and being relieved from physical concerns.

Negative Effects of Black Skunk Berry

You can feel a bit uneasy when you smoke this strain or experience a mild dry mouth as negative effects. You can easily counter them so no worries.

Growing Black Skunk Berry 

You can plant this weed and plan to let it flower at the end of September. Growers can grow this cannabis with other types as they will not exhibit any added care or attention. Make sure to check that needed nutrients are given and air quality is maintained.

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