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Black Silver

This hybrid variety that contains more sativa dominance is the result of a cross from Super Silver Haze and male Black Durvan. It can be mistaken to others with the wide collections of cannabis strains but you can get seeds from its breeder GreenMan Organic Seeds.

Its parent Black Durvan is more of sativa coming from Kingdom Organic. The Super Silver Haze comes from Green House Seeds that was awarded three times during the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Flavor and Effects of Black Silver

Tasting the citrus, fruity, spicy and earthy flavors, you will be full. It gives your body a very relaxed state but still allows you to move and not tied to the couch. If you like to rest in good spirits, this is a match for you.

Medical Benefits of Black Silver

This Black Silver can remove all those stress and worries you had been carrying. It helps to relieve pain so you can take a peaceful rest. If you lost your appetite, ignite it with this strain and you can easily eat in a good mood.

Negative Effects of Black Silver

There are not many negative effects of this strain aside from the common in marijuana consumption. You can experience dryness of mouth and even dryness of eyes. Make sure to take it moderately to avoid over-usage that carries side effects.

Growing Black Silver 

Enjoy an easy growing plant with this type of cannabis. Plant them in normal conditions and take good care of them like other strains without the need for special care. Check the nutrients level, water it as needed, and protect them from very cold temperatures.

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