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Black Russian

Black Russian hybrid is one of the jet black strains in Vietnam that gives a crimson red paint in its appearance. A good to look at this strain and made by the Delicious Seeds. From crossing the genetics of a mother, Black Domina, with White Russian. This strain will give sweet terpenes, which you won’t forget, and you will ask more and more of it.

Flavor and Effects of Black Russian

Taking this strain, you would savor the tropical, citrus, sweet, berry, and lemon flavor. In the sense of head-high effects, Black Russian will give a cerebral buzz that will uplift the mind and body. An increase in the euphoric level would happen, which will draw your happiness in more high levels. Genuine happiness would be felt and gives a soothing feeling in the sentiments.

If you wanted to achieve relaxation at its finest level, then taking this strain would help with that. This strain is like a potion that lures the limbs in laziness and gets yours in the couch-locked moment. Furthermore, taking this strain would induce appetite, which will make you hungry.

Medical Benefits of Black Russian

Black Russian offers the effects in just several minutes after taking it. This strain is also good in medication or remedy on such medical conditions. It can serve to numb the pains as it has analgesic effects that can relieve chronic aches and pains. Moreover, this may take care of everyday annoyances from headaches or migraines and indigestions.
This strain can overcome insomnia, luring the users in a deep, long, and restful sleep. This strain encourages the mind to preserve happy thoughts, which will help in curing stress, anxiety disorder, and depression. The lack of appetite would now be change into boosting appetite, which will want them to eat more meals or grab some snacks.

Negative Effects of Black Russian

Black Russian hybrid will make your mouth and eyes dry, cottonmouth, and irritated eyes (sometimes), respectively. Hence, dizziness, headache, and paranoia may be felt, especially when the dose is way too high or the consumers are novices.

Growing Black Russian

In a semi-humid and Mediterranean-like climate, this strain should be really grown into to get the perfect results in yield and heigh. Thus, this can either be indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse growing. Black Russian hybrid is resistant to mold and mildew, which will help the growers to easily cultivate it. This strain needs constant trim to remove some leaves to let the buds grow more. Growers who wanted to look at the purple hues this strain may give, exposing it in the cold but not freezing nighttime temperature would achieve on it.

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Excelent (9.5)

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