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Black Raven

Black Raven is a hybrid strain coming from White Fire Allen OG and ’09 Cookies (also called Animal cookies). Containing more indica characteristics this strain could be cultivated indoor and outdoor. Its parent White Fire Allen OG imposes a citrus scent while ’09 Cookies (phenotype of GSC) has bright orange hairs with purple leaves.

Flavor and Effects of Black Raven

Experience this best tasting strain with its citrus flavor with a sweet and peppery taste. Some users have made it their daily high for mild and heavy choices. Choose mild consumption for daytime when you’re looking for an energizer and creativity enhancer. You can have a full-body relaxation with energy for your activity. 

Medical Benefits of Black Raven

If you are looking for a strain for your mild to severe pain, this is recommended. It is also for relief from nausea and spasms. Get rid of your anxiety, stress, and tension with this strain. Users also used it for insomnia.

Negative Effects of Black Raven

Just like with other marijuana strains, you can have dry mouth or dry eyes as negative effects. Being paranoid, becoming dizzy and having a headache are some negative effects.

Growing Black Raven 

Growing this strain will not give you a headache when you follow the basic standards. Make sure to provide the correct nutrients to have a strong and resistance plant resulting in a good quality harvest. Give your plant enough space in both indoor and outdoor settings for the better growing condition.

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