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Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

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Bodhi Seeds is a top breeder when it comes to cannabis strain. It is the same company that brings us the Black Raspberry strain by crossing Goji OG, Wookie 15, and Raspberry F2. The combination of all these strains ensures you end up with the best of strain.

The strain is good in terms of offering rich flavors that consumers love. It is also easy on the high as much as it comes with a high THC level. For most users, they end up having an enjoyable conversation mostly filled with laughter when high on it.

Flavor and Effects of Black Raspberry

The flavor of Black Raspberry is a combination of ripe berries, absinthe, and lavender. You will generally love the richness of the flavor coming from such a strain. When the high sets in, then you will start to giggle a lot. You will generally be happy about your life. Additional effects to expect include deep relaxation, being focused, and uplifted.

Medical Benefits of Black Raspberry

Stress and depression treatment are major uses when it comes to medical applications. You will also love the fact that it can help with lack of appetite. You might want to keep some edibles close just in case you start feeling hungry.

Negative Effects of Black Raspberry

Using it in large quantities will lead to negative effects such as dry eyes, dizziness, and dry mouth.

Growing Black Raspberry

You need basic gardening skills to grow Black Raspberry. It is possible to get seeds from various stores to get started on growing the strain. Just watch out for pests and diseases that might occur.

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