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Black Out

Black Out

Even from the name Black Out, you would know that this is a highly potent strain. It comes with an impressive THC level of up to 26%. You might want to take it slow if it is the first time you are using it. The Archive Seed Bank is responsible for creating this strain by crossing The Black and Face Off OG strains.
The strain is characterized for having thick, dense purple buds. This just tells you it is good in terms of yield. Expect to end up with high yield when growing the Black Out strain.

Flavor and Effects of Black Out

The flavor of this strain is a combination of hash plant, pepper, and blackberry. You will love having such an aroma filling the whole room. The strain will make you giggly when the high starts to kick in. The best part is that you also feel focused even with the high THC levels. Expect to be a bit euphoric and happy as additional effects of the strain.

Medical Benefits of Black Out

If you tend to experience headaches and nausea, this here is a nice solution. You will also find it is great for treating pain and depression. The strain is still good to bring down any stress levels you might be having.

Negative Effects of Black Out

No major negative effects have been reported on Black Out. Just make sure to use it in moderation.

Growing Black Out

Black Out is generally easy to grow. You just need basic gardening skills and tools to get going. Also, the seeds are easy to get, so you should be able to buy them online too.