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Black Nights

This cannabis has been bred by GreenMan Organic Seeds from Deep North and Black Durban males. The Black Durban male parent comes from the breeding of Kingdom Organic Seeds.  It was the result of crossing Black Russian and two Durban Poison males possessing more sativa distinct characteristics.

Deep North comes from GreenMan Organic Seeds from the lineage of Northern Lights #5 and Deep Chunk male. Deep North #5 contains high indica than sativa.

Flavor and Effects of Black Nights

Indulge in fruity, sweet, and floral flavor or with the earthy and piney flavor coming from this strain. It gives you a sedating effect so you can have time to regain energy. Take it during the night for a quality rest to take stress and tiredness away.

Medical Benefits of Black Nights

Black Nights give you relief from mild and chronic body pain, headache, depression, and nausea. If you are under the treatment of chemotherapy, this strain helps with the pain and nausea. 

Negative Effects of Black Nights

You can prepare water before taking in this cannabis as it can leave your mouth dry. Paranoia and headaches are not much triggered. Do not overuse especially when taking it alone.

Growing Black Nights 

Make sure to keep your marijuana plant away from constant rain as it will damage it. Check regularly for the PH level of the soil and the nutrients needed should be feed when needed. Putting in more nutrients than required will affect the amount and quality of the harvest.

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