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Black Moon

Black Moon comes from the parent Pit Bull Hybrid producing other children with a different strain. The breeding was made by Arctic Genetics resulting in this unique combination. This strain will start to grow to have green color but its buds have the fixed color of indigo from the start of appearance until the end carrying blonde hairs. It’s one of the best photogenic buds to capture.

Flavor and Effects of Black Moon

Taste the honeysuckle flavor and smell the light floral aroma. This will affect your body until the head with its very relaxing and mellow hit. It helps relieve all those pains without medication. Its effect does not last long and new smokers can take it. 

Medical Benefits of the Black Moon

Black Moon is effective to help in cases of severe PTSD, migraines, glaucoma, and loss of appetite. It is helpful in limiting flashbacks and can very well stimulate the mind.

Negative Effects of Black Moon

Be ready for dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, or dizziness that is common negative effects. They may appear or not and you will not experience all the effects in one intake.

Growing Black Moon

This cannabis will grow narrow just like a cedar tree so make sure to plant it in an area suitable for it. It is recommended to be grown on soil with the proper care. If your living in the place where rain can suddenly come pouring, you better plant it indoors. Rain can damage your marijuana.

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