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Black Mint

Black Mint is the result of the cross made between Amnesia Bubble and Chocolate Mint OG bred by Gecko Seeds. The same proportions were taken from the parents that are available in feminized seeds resulting in a balanced hybrid. 

Flavor and Effects of Black Mint

This citrus and minty strain would give you a heavy taste of it you will appreciate or not so much during your first take. Try it again and you will feel comfortable with the taste and flavors. This strain could knock you on the couch but you can have the strength and energy to move. Feel free to get watching movies or eating even when you are high.

Medical Benefits of Black Mint

Enjoy the common medical benefits of cannabis that include relief from pain (whether mild or chronic), depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and regaining energy.

Negative Effects of Black Mint

You may expect to have some dry mouth or dry eyes when consuming this cannabis strain. The negative effect of paranoia and dizziness is not that common. Take it with moderation at first and observe its effect before deciding to go daily or increasing the frequency.

Growing Black Mint 

You can choose to grow this cannabis strain indoor or outdoor depending on your growing capacity. If you can provide the lighting needed, you can grow it indoors. Outdoor growing is also an easy choice but you should protect them from bad weather. Rain is not good for your weed.