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Black Maui

This strain was bred by Snowhigh Seeds resulting in a sativa dominant hybrid. This cannabis strain comes from cannabis strain parents Maui Wowie 1976 and the Black Forest The Rev. Its parent Maui Wowie is known to be the result of breeding a smuggled Mexican bud into the Pacific Islands.

This resulted in buds that are drenched with bountiful resin that entices its consumption. You can expect lots of branches that produce a high amount of these attractive and ideal buds.

Flavor and Effects of Black Maui

Savor the sweet and spicy citrus taste and take it during the day. It makes you tripping thinking of some crazy thoughts. It is good when you are with friends as the effect lasts long. You will be full of sociable energy you can have much time of fun.

Medical Benefits of Black Maui

This large plant can help you with having energy and being sociable and you can drown your stress. Black Maui is strong but easily lightened with the external environment.

Negative Effects of Black Maui

You can experience some nervousness, palpitations, and paranoia. This is easily countered when you have friends with you where you can share the sociable energy characterized by this strain.

Growing Black Maui 

Cultivation of this strain is moderate as you will not need some special knowledge for this weed to grow well. You just need to assign a good amount of space between the plants as it can much branch full of resinous buds. Feed it correctly during the stages of growth until it flowers.