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Black Market Kush

Meet the parents of this Black Market Kush strain that was breed by Hash Hands that will reveal the characteristics of this variety. One parent is the OG €“ 39 which is more sativa coming from a hybrid cross strain. The other parent is the Northern Meo Vac Vietnamese imposing its place of origin with its name.

The breeder made it available as feminized seeds that belong to the fast flowering types. You can expect buds of bright colors exhibiting a spectrum of blue to purple with the effect of its phenotype. 

Flavor and Effects of Black Market Kush

Get the benefits of tasting sweet or citrus or skunk cannabis. Enjoy these flavors and its positive effects of calming you down and staying relaxed. 

Medical Benefits of Black Market Kush

You can forget those pains while on high with this strain. It allows your mind to be relaxed and free from stress and anxiety. You can be free from depression and have the chance to be happy and have some fun through this weed. 

Negative Effects of Black Market Kush

You can have mild dry mouth or needing to drink much water after smoking this strain. Headache and feeling anxious is not that strong negative effect in this strain.

Growing Black Market Kush 

This strain is short in size but bushy you can grow in an indoor or outdoor setting. Prepare a wider space in between the plants as they will soon expand especially at the flowering stage. Plant the weed in an easy access area for easy checking.

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