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Black Mamba CBD

Another CBD-rich strain has been produced in the cannabis world. Black Mamba CBD is an Indica dominant weed produced by Blim Burn seeds boasting its high content of CBD and THC. It is a daughter strain of the known Critical Mass and a Skunk variety producing weeds with great quality of big and compact buds. 

Flavor and Effects of Black Mamba CBD

This weed plant offers a great blend of flavors that delight the mouths of many cannabis lovers. It has a sweet like a grapefruit taste and pine punches. Its effect is quite strong. Black Mamba CBD is not just high content of CBD but THC as well. Its kicks are fast and hard, making you more talkative and sociable, 

Medical Benefits of Black Mamba CBD 

This marijuana has a high value in the medical field as well. It is recommended to people with moderate cases of depression and stress as it helps them relaxed for a moment. It is also suitable for patients of glaucoma and a good antidote with those suffering from attention deficit disorders. 

Negative Effects of Black Mamba CBD. 

Just like other strain you already knew, Black Mamba CBD may also dry your eyes and mouth as side effects. More than that, every user especially the beginner must bear in mind that this weed is highly potent. Consumers with low tolerance of THC might feel dizziness, panic, and paranoia. 

Growing Black Mamba CBD Some information and Tips. 

Though many growers successfully grew Black Mamba CBD indoors, it is not suitable for indoor newbie growers though. This weed grows taller than typical strain and beginners might try outdoor growing instead. Other than that, this weed does not demand much as long as the basics of growing marijuana are given.