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Black Malawi

Combining Cheery Malawi and Black Durban, GreenMan Organic Seeds offers a new delightful strain for Malawi lovers. Black Malawi is a Sativa dominant strain offering a type of effect that many cannabis enthusiasts would like to have. It is an improved version of its parent strain promises you great smoking experience. 

Flavor and Effects of Black Malawi

Inherited from its rich ancestors, Black Malawi has an earthy, sweet, woody, and a taste like tea flavors. It’s a strain of rich taste that suffices demanding palates. Its effect is quite powerful. This Sativa dominant strain gives you a €œhigh€ to the cloud kicks giving you a strong punch in every consumption. Unlike its parent strain, Black Malawi’s effects last for long hours leaving you highly energized throughout the day. 

Medical Benefits of Black Malawi 

More than a good source of energy, Black Malawi also suits at relieving daily pain and aches. It is also a good antidote for migraines. With the long-lasting effects of this marijuana, it is a good choice for pain management. 

Negative Effects of Black Malawi

This strain is quite powerful. Beware; with excessive amount during consumption, Black Malawi might give you a paranoia feeling accompanied by dizziness. 

Growing Black Malawi Some information and Tips. 

Like any other strains out there, Black Malawi thrives with indoor and outdoor growing. Though this weed is not so difficult to grow, cultivators must keep in mind that Black Malawi doesn’t like much fertilizers and soil mixes. Growers must make sure that food for the weeds are given in moderation and the right soil used. You must have a good growing set-up too. In this way, Black Malawi will surely thrive giving you a total high yield.  

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