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Black Label

Black Label

The Black Label strain is what you want when you are a newbie to marijuana. This is because it has a THC level of up to 8%. It will not be too strong for you so that a consumer can get to enjoy it. This strain 50% sativa and 50% indica.

It has many medical benefits, such as treating nausea, insomnia, and pain. You will love the crisp menthol flavor that makes it so desirable for most users.

Flavor and Effects of Black Label

The strain comes with a crisp menthol combined with pine tree rich flavors. The menthol effect remains in your mouth as an aftertaste even when you are done with smoking. As for the effects, at first, you will feel creative, euphoric, and relaxed. This is great for those who want a peaceful afternoon. If used for too long, you will start to feel drowsy.

Medical Benefits of Black Label

Just like many other strains, you should find it also having multiple medical benefits. It is commonly used for treating eye pressure, depression, lack of appetite, and fatigue. Sometimes consumers use it for treating stress thanks to its relaxation capabilities.

Negative Effects of Black Label

Though not common, when used in large amounts, it tends to make you feel dizzy. It can be addictive to keep using because of the menthol taste, but always keep your use in check.

Growing Black Label

Just a little background in gardening should be enough to grow the Black Label strain. It is possible to grow it both indoors and outdoors.