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Black Kat

Motarebel used powerful strains to produce a new and fresh strain with unique effects and potency. Black Kat comes from Black Widow, G-13(G13), and Firecracker.  A hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains, Black Kat does not just offer potency but a great aroma in every hit as well. This weed is not available in feminized seeds but still promises higher yield according to many cannabis enthusiasts. 

 Flavor and Effects of Black Kat 

Just like its ancestors, Black Kat offers great flavors blended perfectly that meet many tastes. This strain is both nutty and sweet but it has some punches of chemical flavors too. Its effect is quite exceptional. It offers a head high with intense euphoria but will also bring happiness and relaxation to its users as euphoria slows down. 

Medical Benefits of Black Kat 

Because of its well-blended effects, Black Kat came to be a good antidepressant. It is also recommended for those who lost their appetite. The relaxing effect of Black Kat makes a good choice for those battling with anxiety as well. 

Negative Effects of Black Kat 

With large doses, Black Kat may lead to paranoia and dizziness, especially for inexperienced users. Aside from these, cottonmouth and dry eyes were also part of the adverse effects of using Black Kat. 

Growing Black Kat Some information and Tips

There is small information for growing techniques of Black Kat however; most cannabis enthusiasts recommend indoor growing for this strain.  This is the reason why many labeled this cannabis as difficult to grow. On the other hand, Black Kat promises a higher yield compared to other strains as long as a good growing environment is given and nutrients needed are available for the weed plant.

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