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Black Jack CBD

Delicious Seeds seed bank came up with a CBD rich strain. A CBD rich version of the well-appreciated strain Black Jack combined with Diesel ancestors; Black Jack CBD has a strong physical structure like any other Indica-Sativa hybrids. Loved by many cannabis growers mainly because of its productivity, Black Jack CBD offers large cola with side branches able to hold many buds in good quality. With its sweet and lemon-rich aroma, this strain is a great day starter. 

 Flavor and Effects of Black Jack CBD

This weed has rich flavors of lemon and incense with sweetness in every hit. Because of the CBD content of this strain, Black Jack CBD has both mellow and uplifting effects offering relaxation in every use. 

Medical Benefits of Black Jack CBD

This strain is highly medicinal. Though it can treat a long list of illnesses, few of the most common ailments Black Jack CBD can treat are inflammation, nausea and vomiting, pain and anxiety, and muscle spasms. 

Negative Effects of Black Jack CBD. 

Like any other CBD rich strains, Black Jack CBD is a wake-promoting strain. With low doses, this weed is not suitable to use before bedtime as it delays sleepiness. 

Growing Black Jack CBD Some information and Tips. 

This cannabis strain is easy to grow and thrives in both indoors and outdoors. Suitable even for novice growers, Black Jack CBD’s most important requirement is a good growing environment. Since this strain produces many colas, every grower must keep an eye of the weeds, especially during the flowering phase to ensure the high yield during harvest season.

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