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Black Haze

Black Haze

As much as it is named €œblack,€ actually, the name comes from the dark purple color of the leaves. At some angles, it might look black. Enough with the colors. The strain is strong and long-lasting. Due to such high, it would be great to use it during the evening when it is time to relax. With its moderate potency, it is relatively okay, even for newbies to try it out.
Black Haze also has some great genetics background. The parents of this strain include Purple Haze, Colombian Gold, and Colombian Black strains. This three-way crossing was perfected by Pioneer Nuggets. This breeder is known for also coming up with other impressive strains already in the market.

Flavor and Effects of Black Haze

All the parents for the strain have some great flavors. We expect that the same would trickle down to Black Haze. Well, for this strain, it does come with berry, cherry, sage, sweet, and woody flavor. As you can see, it is quite the combination of flavors.

The high kicks in slowly, but soon you feel it is fully on. The first effect you experience includes being relaxed. The relaxation is moderate, so you will not feel couch-locked as compared to some other strains.
The high also helps with clearing your mind. You will feel the head is focused, and you experience creative thinking. Well, you can always enjoy it with friends for a nice afternoon.
It is possible to get some users getting talkative and sociable. That is something you can expect with a sativa-dominant strain.

Medical Benefits of Black Haze

Medical benefits associated with Black Haze are many, but you can expect it to be great for chronic pain or any other pain in the body. The deep relaxation helps with numbing the pain, at least when you keep using it.
The strain is still good for handling stress, depression, and headaches. It is possible that sometimes, you have frequent headaches. The strain will help calm you down and clear your head.

Negative Effects of Black Haze

The strain is good for various applications, but it can also have side effects if abused. The common side effects include experiencing a cottonmouth and dry eyes. Do not worry as these side effects are not severe and go away after a few hours or when you drink water.

Growing Black Haze

If you want to grow Black Haze, it is easy to find its seeds. You will not have to grow through the process of getting plant cuttings. The strain needs a semi-humid climate to grow well. The best part about the strain is that it is resistant to diseases and pests. As a result, you will not have much maintenance work you have to do.

Best Place To Buy Black Haze

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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