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Black Gum

Original Sensible Seeds is very innovative in crossing the Bubble Gum cannabis strain to the Black Domina, creating this exquisite Black Bubble Gum.

This cannabis plant stands in a medium and compact structure, which is very Indica leaning characteristics. Its leaves are light green to green that is covered with white trichomes. Its buds are hard and dripping with sticky resin when opened.

Flavor and Effects of Black Gum

Its flavor is not different from the Bubble Gum. It has a Strawberry, gummy, and sweet scent that is very appealing and attractive. Be careful as you indulge in this delicious smelling cannabis because it packs a high amount of THC at 21%. It will bring you a psychoactive high that has a post effect of the Indica, which is couch locking.

Medical Benefits of Black Gum

This strain has active healing powers due to its potent THC compounds. It is the go-to strain of restless bodies of patients who are suffering from sleeping disorders, like Insomnia. It is also an ideal appetite booster for patients who lose their cravings. It is also a powerful anti-depressant and pain reliever strain suitable for chronic pains, fatigue, stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Black Gum

The negative effects of this strain are similar to the adverse impacts of using cannabis strains. It may include dry eyes, cottonmouth, paranoia, and lethargy.

Growing Black Gum

This cannabis strain loves the warm and temperate environment. Greenhouse cultivation is ideal for this plant. This strain is very adaptive. It is mold resistant. It is also resilient to pests and other cannabis-related diseases.