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Black Forrest

This strain is known for its green nuggets, that are large, resinous, and covered with transparent golden hairs that shine like crystals. These traits are inherited from its southeast Asian parents that are domesticated to bear unbelievable offspring. It is the product of crossing the Vietnamese Black and the Cherry Bomb.

This strain is a pure breed Sativa; it is carefully cultivated by its breeder, who is the Kingdom Organic Seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Black Forrest

This Sativa has hashy and earthy nature, which wildflower, citrusy, and incense-smelling undertone. Its high is astronomic. Its cerebral effect needs to 30 minutes before it kicks you flying in the outer space and can last up to 4 hours. This strain is suitable for daytime use if you have no plans for the day.

Medical Benefits of Black Forrest

Sativa strains are known to provide relief in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. This strain is no exception. Its anti-depressant ability made helps to soothe problematic patients with mood disorders. It also promotes good sleeping habits and boosts the appetite of patients who are anorexic.

Negative Effects of Black Forrest

It is named the Black Forest for a reason; it induces paranoia for susceptible people. It is known to cause dry mouth and dry eyes too.

Growing Black Forrest

Growing this strain is painful; it requires a skilled hand in trimming and topping. Besides, it takes 16 weeks to flower, and inducing it to flower starts when it is 75 days old. It means that it requires knowledge in the photoperiod for this strain to flower. Once it flowers, it produces dense nuggets that have resinous trichomes.

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