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Black Fire

Black Fire is an indica dominant hybrid. This strain was created by Ethos Genetics by pairing the genetic features of WiFi strain with the genetics of the strain, Afghan Cultivar. The cannabis strain appears to have huge and dark colored leaves. It can be easily recognized that the Black Fire strain has a very indica feature in terms of structure and the density of the buds. This cannabis strain is great which was proven by the award it has gained in the category of best indica plant. 

Flavor and Effects of Black Fire

The Black Fire cannabis strain has a great set of flavors and scent which can be tasty and delicious among users of cannabis. The combination of flavors is well-blended such as citrus and kush. It also has touches of piney and incense flavor which both also similar to its scent. The Black Fire indeed is a strain for people looking for a delicious strain to smoke. The effects of the strain are also unique and very decent. It generates a powerful relaxation on the body and also affects the cognitive functioning and deliver a buzzy and long-lasting impact. Generally, the strain has a dominant effect of indica variety. 

Medical Benefits of Black Fire

When it comes to the therapeutic property of the Black Fire strain, it can be of great help in various conditions that most people find it hard to look for a remedy. The pain and stress you are feeling and enduring every day can be easily swift away with just one usage of the strain. Indeed it is very powerful. The struggles of dealing with muscle cramps can be easily treated by the Black Fire strain. All the traces of anxiety and depression are simply managed as this strain can provide relaxation and calming experience which is an important factor to alleviate these types of conditions. 

Negative Effects of Black Fire

The adverse consequences that people may encounter from the usage of this strain are common and should not be surprised about. The strain can make your mouth dry and your eyes red and itchy. These symptoms are simply managed by drinking water for the dryness and eye drops for the redness of the eyes. Also, avoid ingesting too much quantity of the strain to avoid further side effects. 

Growing Black Fire

The Black Fire cannabis strain is easy to grow and flourish in both indoor and outdoor environment settings. Given the fact that it is easy and manageable, the strain is suited for beginner growers to opt for in terms of cultivation. With minimal attention and requirement for growing, you can still have a great yield and quality outcomes by the end of the cultivation cycle. It also has a short flowering period which means you can have multiple growing cycles within a year.