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Black Durban

Black Durban is a variety of sativa from Kingdon Organic. Black Durban can be cultivated indoors and outdoors it is also a type of cannabis strain that can grow easily, you can harvest Black Durban after 8 weeks. Black Durban has an average THC level that reaches 17%. This strain can also be used as a treatment for those people who suffer chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Flavor and Effects of Black Durban

Once you taste Black Durban in just one puff, it tastes like there is something fruity inside your mouth. Afterward, in a few moments, you may feel happy and relaxed physically and mentally, if you are dealing with stress at the same time depress Black Durban will help you eliminate those kinds of feelings. 

Medical Benefits of Black Durban

Black Durban has a medicinal effect like helping your body and mind to relax. This is can also help people who suffer insomnia and anxiety and increases food appetite. 

Negative Effects of Black Durban

You may experience headaches, dry mouth, dry eyes and a small percentage of being paranoid

Growing Black Durban Some information and Tips

When growing Black Durban, You really need to have a well-prepared substrate and good climate temperature. Black Durban requires hot phases, So I recommend that you need to place them under the sun and make sure to provide enough water. You may harvest Black Durban after 8 weeks. Monitoring your plant can help to create a good quality of Black Durban Cannabis Strain.

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