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Black Domina

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Black Ice hybrid is high in Indica, which comes from crossing the genetics of Black Domina and White Widow. This strain is created by the Spanish produces, namely The Moon Seeds. Also, this strain is not the best suit to take when you are going out for a walk or driving in. The trichomes of this strain give the super-sticky buds coated in white sheen and perhaps inspired by the “ice” on its name.

Flavor and Effects of Black Ice

The taste of spicy, earthy, and lemon touches this strain will give and will let you enjoy it. This strain offers a creeping high effect that sends tingle in the face and upper body, making the consumer’s faces into permanent smiles. Thus, this also gives the real feeling of happiness.

The consumer’s mind will be in a dopey and dreamy state, which will put them in relaxation. Furthermore, if you wanted to catch up on the episodes or seasons which you have missed from your favorite series, then taking this would help you achieve on that. This strain is the perfect companion on to passive activities.

Medical Benefits of Black Ice

Like ice being placed on to the particular body of yours as to numb the pain which you have felt this strain may also give. The relaxing effects of this strain will send your limbs in relaxation as it may numb the pain or any type of aches like muscle cramps or spasms and fatigue.

The strain’s anti-inflammatory effects are ideal for curing like headaches or indigestion. Users who are prone to panic may use this as it may soothe the mind. Specifically, conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. Patients who wanted to break free from the embrace of insomnia can use this strain as a remedy on it. Also, this is best on elevating the appetite, so users must prepare a meal ahead of time before taking this.

Negative Effects of Black Ice

Black Ice hybrid, when used too much or not, gives the experience of drying the mouth (cottonmouth) and eyes (sometimes irritated or red eyes). Occasionally, it may let you experience dizziness, headache, or anxiousness when dose in on high level or first time using it.

Growing Black Ice

Black Ice hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoors in a humid and daytime-like climate. Indoor growing of this strain may require the grower to prune or trim as it may grow bushier. The outdoor growing of this strain, growers, should expose in temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees. This strain is highly flexible and adaptable to any type of environment. Thus, growers may expose this strain in a cold (but not freezing) temperature in the night.

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