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Black Domina Explosion

Black Domina Explosion is the largest strain in a Spanish seed bank, this is a combination of Northern Lights and Black Domina. Black Domina Explosion can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors, It just needs 55-60 days for harvesting time.

Black Domina Explosions has an extremely gorgeous characteristic, it offers a very beautiful bud, a tough and healthy structure matching with a cute height of 1-2 meters.

Flavor and Effects of Black Domina Explosion

Black Domina Explosion effect makes you feel invincible, undercurrent starts to run into your veins, your body starts to numb and, In just one puff, you may taste the pepper spicy combined with a fruity aroma of the strain, you may experience very relaxing sensations mentally and physically.

Medical Benefits of Black Domina Explosion

Medical Benefit that you could get once you puff Black Domina Explosion, It relaxes your mind and body, dispersing/releasing the anxiety and increasing food appetite.

Negative Effects of Black Domina Explosion

Negative effects may experience would be, your mouth begins to dry as well with your throat, eyelids begin to swell, headaches, dizziness due to a high level of THC.

Growing Black Domina Explosion Some information and Tips

Black Domina Explosion is the strain of cannabis that can grow easily, this can be cultivated Indoors or Outdoors as long as we are providing the right amount of the temperature and water, no doubt that we can have good quality and structures of this type of strain.

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