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Black Domina Auto

Black Domina Auto is an involuntary flowering ruderalis/indica assortment from Sagarmatha, and this could be polished indoor or outdoor. Harvesting time with Black Domina Auto would be approximately 90 days. This is only available as feminized seeds. 

The Black Domina auto is a crossbreed from Sensi Black Domina and Lowryder. The flower began to show after 21 to 28 days.

Flavor and Effects of Black Domina Auto

Flavors are more likely Sweet or Sour, spicy, and peppery hash-like aroma. Effects are you feel relaxed, sleepy at the same time happy and hungry or let’s just say that you fell heavy that could let down into your bed.

Medical Benefits of Black Domina Auto

Medicinal users reported that it helps with people that have insomnia, restless leg syndrome, nausea and lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Black Domina Auto

Negative effects are red and dry eyes, dry mouth and throat, anxiousness, systematized delusions, and headaches.

Growing Black Domina Auto Some information and Tips

There are two types of Growing Black Domina Auto, one is indoor and the other one is outdoor. Outdoor growing could be good, but experts growers suggested that Black Domina Auto is much better for indoor growing using hydroponics. 

For the first time breeders or growers, Black Domina auto is a good strain to start since this is easy to grow. Place a tent indoors and make sure to provide good sunlight.

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