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Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

It is an indica dominant hybrid with large buds and has numerous phenotypes with unspecified features.

This hybrid was created by cross-breeding legendary strain with the Hash Plant (famous Oxford graduate who won popularity for his involvement in cannabis smuggling) and this cannabis boosts of sour lemony aroma with a sweet aftertaste.

Flavor and Effects of Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

It has cheese, sweet, berry and cherry flavours, which makes it perfect for you. It keeps a balance between the sedative effects it offers; however, abuse might lead to loss of memory for days. It will leave you with enough energy you need to carry out any given activities.

You will feel euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed immediately after your last exhale while being motivated. This cannabis will present you with the creative spirit while improving your concentration.

Medical Benefits of Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

People with low panic tolerance will also find this strain valuable. Patients suffering from low sperm count, erectile dysfunction will run to this strain for help. It is very effective in the treatment of mood-related illnesses like seasonal and non-seasonal depression, anxiety, bipolar, and stress.

Negative Effects of Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

It can cause high blood and sleeplessness due to its THC content. An increased dose of this hybrid will cause headache, fever, dizziness, and dry mouth.

Growing Black Congolese IBL x Angola Red IBL

The germinating period of this strain is 05 to 10 days after planting it. The flowers can be cured to help make it produce curly leaves. This cannabis gives a large yield if grown indoors. Fertilizer may be applied to improve the growth and yield of this weed. Daily watering is recommended for this hybrid. The harvesting period is usually between 6 to 8 weeks.