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Black Cherry Cheesecake

Black Cherry Cheesecake

Cannabis breeding is nothing new, as that is how we end up with new strains all the time. Well, Black Cherry Cheesecake breeding was different as compared to other strains. Instead of using the usual two strains as parents, the Pacific Northwest company used three strains. These are Cheese, Super Silver Haze, and Black Cherry Soda strains for the process.

Black Cherry Cheesecake has indica leaning effects with a pleasing taste and flavor. The aroma quickly fills the whole room once you start using it. With a moderate potency, it is suitable for different levels of experience. Even newbies can now have something to use.

Flavor and Effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake

The strain has a rich flavor combining all the best tastes you can ever imagine. You will experience berry, blueberry, and fruity flavors all at once. You can easily describe the strain as being sweet and skunky at the same time. With such a flavor, it should leave a nice aftertaste in the mouth.

The high is relatively slow to kick in, but it is worth the wait. As a result, you will start to feel euphoria and happy as the initial effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake. This is then followed by feeling creative and relaxed at the same time. There is no doubt it is good for those who need some relaxation.

The strain will also make you feel hungry. Have some food with you before you start smoking it.

Medical Benefits of Black Cherry Cheesecake

There is no doubt having medical benefits makes a strain even better. For Black Cherry Cheesecake, there is so much to benefit from it. First of all, it is a great pain reliever. It is the reason the strain works great for relieving chronic pain. Even if you have pain from injuries, it will help numb the pain.

The strain also helps with loss of appetite. As suggested earlier, one of its effects is to make you feel hungry. You should have your appetite back in no time.

Other medical applications include treating depression, headaches, stress, nausea, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake

As for negative effects, the usual dry mouth and eyes are expected. Always hydrate to avoid such type of side effects. Other than that, it is common for users to also experience dizziness. Dizziness can sometimes trigger anxiety in a person. Mild headaches are expected but will subside within hours after the high is over.

Growing Black Cherry Cheesecake

If you are going to grow this strain, it is better to have it growing in a cold environment. It will also need a temporary enclosing during the winter months to protect the plants from external elements. With the right tools, it should be relatively easy to grow it.

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Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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