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Black Bubba

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Black Bubba hybrid is high in indica that comes from crossing Bubba Kush and Black Russian. This strain will give colorful effects despite its name. Ideally, this is great to use at any time of the day with proper dosage.

Flavor and Effects of Black Bubba

Black Bubba strain gives the coffee taste with earth, blue cheese, and tangy undertones. Engaging in this strain will give an engaging feeling of happiness. The tingles will be sent on your body and relaxation would be now present. The feeling of sleepiness would also be felt. Additionally, usage of this may induce hunger.

Medical Benefits of Black Bubba

This strain is great for medication on conditions like cramps, pain, and seizures. The disorganized thoughts and feels would be now healed as this strain will cure stress. Insomnia came in like a king in sleeping at night, which gives its power will now be ease on this.

Negative Effects of Black Bubba

Consumption on this strain will give the feeling of dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia.

Growing Black Bubba

In an indoor or outdoor setting, this strain can be cultivated. The place to grow this strain should provide a wide space as this tends to grow wide and bushy. Growers may bend, trim, and prune this strain. Adequate lighting and great air ventilation should also be present. The warm climate should be best as to which when this plant is exposed to cold temperatures will hinder the flowering phase.

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