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Black Berry OG

It has buds with mossy green and red hair. Famous for its sweet scents, this cannabis is an indica dominant strain with great medicinal potent. It will leave you sweet lemon aroma. 

A cross with Black Berry and sour apple will produce Black Berry OG. First bred by franchise genetics, this strain’s parentage traces back to Brazil and Africa. This hybrid has phenotypes with heavy branches.  

Flavor and Effects of the Black Berry OG

This marijuana also causes a euphoric effect, making you overcome any mood swings that might come your way during the day. This cannabis has fruity, cherry, pines, and Apple flavours with a sweet aftertaste. It will make you feel happy, energetic, and uplifted.  

It will give a sharp effect that will help increase your creativity while staying focused. Sedation is sure when abused or taken in excess dose.

Medical Benefits of Black Berry OG

It is also effective in managing depression related problems. This strain is also used by people suffering from stress and inflammation. Patients with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) loss of appetite, bipolar, chronic pain, and anxiety will find this hybrid very helpful.

Negative Effects of Black Berry OG

It can cause the following; Dry mouth and headache. Other side effects of this strain are dry, fever, high blood, restlessness, and itchy eyes. 

Growing Black Berry OG

However, you must pay attention to the plant to avoid the attacks of pests that reduce the productivity of the strain and daily watering couple with curing of its flowers is advised for the best yield. 

To ensure proper growth, the required humidity, lighting, and fertilizer should be applied. To ensure good growth and yield of this strain, the indoor method of cultivation ought to be used. You should bear in mind that its growing method is difficult. Its germination period is between 05 to 08 days of initial planting.