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Black Banana F2

Black Banana F2

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When its buds are broken, the soil-like witty liquid is seen, and its combustion will produce milky smoke with skunk aftertaste. Best consumed during the day for that maximum satisfaction. This weed has an earthy and sour diesel aroma. It has a delightful buds coloration of mossy green, light purple, and orange.

With a crystalline in shape leaves, the curing of the flowers will produce thorn in texture leaves. It is one of the few hybrids which are descendants of Black wonder. With different phenotypes with sticky, thick, and resinous buds, this strain has white trichomes. This hybrid is a Sativa dominant strain with great medicinal potent.

Flavor and Effects of Black Banana F2

After your first hit, you will experience a sharp uplifting effect, which will trigger untold happiness, making you forget your sorrows and pains. The sedative effects of this strain are less when in comparison with other hybrids. You will also get euphoric, relaxing, and energetic effects of this wonderful cannabis. Flavors to expect from this cannabis are berry, earthy, cheese, and citrus flavors.

Medical Benefits of Black Banana F2

It is useful in the treatment and management of mood-related illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar, and stress. People suffering from attention disorders, eating disorders like anorexia, movement disorders like arthritis will value this hybrid.

Negative Effects of Black Banana F2

Excessive use of this weed can also cause dry-itchy eyes and high blood pressure. This strain will present you with the following negative effects such as headaches, fever, dizziness, restlessness, and dry mouths.

Growing Black Banana F2

Trimming is advised. The Germinating period of this marijuana is within 10 days of painting it, and its harvesting period is between 7-8 weeks. New growers of this hybrid should bear in mind it’s growing processes are difficult. This strain is best grown indoors, but however, in some cases, it might be grown outdoors depending on the type of soil and weather condition of the place.

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