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Black Afghani

The genetic lineage of this hybrid remains unknown, but breeders attribute this cannabis to have numerous offspring when another indica hybrid crosses with this strain. Its varieties of phenotypes that have well-built orange, white, and a thick conical specimen that mostly have heavy branches.   

 Famous for its ability to yield a significant amount of produce after harvesting, when grown with a carbonated filter. Its trichomes are often whitish while having buds with blends of hues such as mossy green, yellow and red. This strain has a powerful pungent aroma with a creamy smoke finishing.

Flavor and Effects of the Black Afghani

Don’t be deceived with the positive effects of this marijuana as an overdose intake will lead to sedation. It leaves you with a euphoric, calming, and relaxing effect. Effects to expect from this weeds are a sharp uplifting, energizing, and relaxing effect and have a sweet, diesel-like berry and pepper flavors.

Medical Benefits of the Black Afghani

This strain is very curative in treating vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Patients with low tolerance to panic will find this cannabis very medicinal. People suffering from anxiety, chronic insomnia, seasonal and non-seasonal depression, fatigue, and chronic pain can also make use of this strain. 

Negative Effects of the Black Afghani

Due to the high THC level, this strain might make you feel dizzy, dry mouth, headache, dry, itchy eyes, and paranoia.  

Growing the Black Afghani  

For best growth of this strain, good lighting, normal to average humidity, and good soil is required. Proper attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals, which reduces the maximum yield of this strain. From the first to the fourth week of growing this strain, watering is recommendable at least thrice daily.

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