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Bizarre Lights

The Bizarre Lights was traced to have its origin from South America and was created by crossing Bizarre Kush with the renowned GSC. Strain breeders attribute its creation to Franchise Genetics. This weed has a skunky sweet citrus aroma with a yummy smoke finishing.

With its different arrays of phenotypes, which are a mostly conical specimen, this hybrid’s buds have hues of yellow and mossy green. The breaking open of its buds will produce an earthy smell and will give off skunk smoke. It is best consumed during the day.

 Flavor and Effects of Bizarre Lights

Whichever way you choose to consume this powerful Hybrid strain, it will leave you with uplifting and energizing effects while presenting you with a lasting effect of activeness and agility. It will offer you effects that will automatically help to improve your creative mind. 

 Known for its euphoric effects, you will immediately notice its sharp and soothing effects all over your body after the first exhale. This strain has a flavor of citrus, hash, and fruity.

 Medical Benefits of Bizarre Lights

It is recommended for people who are suffering mood and bodily related sickness such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, aches, migraine, and arthritis. It is also used by patients who depression, stress, attention deficit disorder (ADD), loss of appetite, chemotherapy-induced vomiting, and nausea as a means of curing. 

 Negative Effects of Bizarre Lights

Negative or side effects caused by this weed due to its high THC content are high blood pressure, sleeplessness, paranoia, incessant hunger, and paralysis. Also, increased or prolonged usage of this hybrid will lead to dry-itchy eyes, dizziness, dry, mouth, and headaches. 

 Growing Bizarre Lights strain 

Its germinating period is from 05 to 10 days after growing it. This cannabis is weather sensitive, and as such, to get the best growth and yield of this strain, the indoor method of cultivation is recommendable. Make sure to allow adequate lighting on the strained plant. Daily monitoring to checkmate the attacks of pests. The expected period of harvesting of this cannabis is between 6 to 8 weeks after its initial growth.

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