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The crossing between Biker Kush and Karmarado OG will create this strain. Its terpene profiles have a pine and gas blend. The buds have clingy and thick gums with wavy leaves. 

When combusted, the buds of this strain produces smooth smoke. First created by Karma hereditary labs, this strain was named after the Dutch coffeeshop. It has varieties of phenotypes having a heavy conical specimen.

Flavor and Effects of Bisquik 

The Bisquik strain has cherry, sweet, and fruity flavors. The effects of this strain are promptly felt after the last breath out. Beginning from head to toe, you will feel its unwinding and quieting effects. You will likewise encounter cerebral incitement after consuming this strain, which encourages you to beat the state of mood-related issues. Notwithstanding, this strain will also give you a sedative impact when consumed in a great portion. 

What are the Health Benefits of Bisquik 

Individuals experiencing a lack of ability to concentrate consistently, loss of appetite, and loss of memory will likewise discover this strain supportive. This strain likewise has an extraordinary restorative intensity in treating migraine, aches, interminable depression, stress, and weariness. 

Negative Effects of Bisquik 

This strain has adverse effects whenever mishandled or abused. Be that as it may, the negative effects to anticipate from this strain are dry mouth, tipsiness, cerebral pains, and creating neurotic. 

Growing Bisquik 

The growing technique for this strain is indoors, and it requires manure application to upgrade its development and yield €” an adequate amount of lighting and great climate with 70 to 80 degrees. From the first to the fourth weeks of developing this strain, watering is suggested to be applied daily. The germination time of this strain is between 5 to 8 days. Pruning of the leaves is prescribed per week.