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Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream

Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream 

It has greenish leaves with whitish trichomes. The aroma of this strain has a zesty hashy smell that is discernible to its Kush foundation. This strain is acclaimed because of its high THC content when contrasted with different strains. This strain was made by crossing Chocolate Lava with Birthday Cake, and it is an indica dominant hybrid.

It was first bred by Third eye hereditary farm, situated in Denver. It has little buds, and its blooms are firm sticks together and resemble a cone in appearance. The buds of this strain emit a new pine fragrance and produce pale blue smoke when combusted. 

Flavor and Effects of Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream strain 

The effects of this strain are promptly observable after your last hit. You will feel bleary-eyed within five minutes of consuming this strain, which vanishes after some time. Its elevating effect builds imagination, making you think more than talking. 

The unwinding and quieting will toss you into bed for a more profound rest and recuperation. The euphoric effect you will get from this strain will leave you needing more. 

What are the Health Advantages of Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream strain 

This strain has incredible restorative power when contrasted with different strains. Patients with mood-related issues like bipolar, discouragement, and stress will discover help in this strain. It is additionally powerful in treating migraine, hurts, constant agony, and a sleeping disorder. 

Negative Effects of Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream strain 

The negative impacts to anticipate from this strain are restlessness, tension, dizziness, and dry mouth. This strain can likewise cause loss of memory and high blood whenever consumed in overabundance. 

Growing Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream strain 

The technique for development used to grow this strain is indoors while ensuring that the place is well lit and watering ought to be in any event two times every day. You should apply fertilizer to improve the yield. Flowering and possibly harvesting starts from 6 to 8 weeks.

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