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Birds of Fire

This strain was made by crossing Durban Poison ( an African originated hybrid) with Birds Purple (indica predominant). Its buds produce a haze of smoke with sweet and bread-like fragrance when combusted. It has a rich-cherry and sweet smell. It has an alternate phenotype with purple and overgrown green leaves. 

Its buds have vivid whitish trichomes, with nugs having a fragment sheen and resinous on the surface. It has thick buds with purple and orange hairs. The Birds of Fire strain has medium-sized blossoms with buds having the structure of indica strains. It has well-twisted leaves with light-orange pistils. 

Flavor and Effects of the Birds of Fire 

The unwinding and quieting effects of this strain are promptly felt within a few minutes of smoking or vaping it. Its euphoric effects are equivalent to none. This strain will leave you empowered with enough solidarity to achieve any assignment. Before your last breath out, this strain presents you with elevating and happy impacts, which can last as long as 7 hours. It has berry and sweet flavors. 

What are the Health Advantages of the Birds of Fire 

This strain has curing potencies in the treatment of mood and bodily related sicknesses like uneasiness, outrage, stress, frenzy, and sorrow. Patients suffering from the loss of memory, asthma, and migraine will discover this strain exceptionally helpful. 

Negative Effects of the Birds of Fire 

This strain can cause cerebral pains, dry mouth, irritated eyes, restlessness, dazedness, and dietary issue. 

Growing the Birds of Fire 

This strain develops and yields enormous produce whenever grown indoors. Be that as it may, sometimes, it may be developed outdoors, contingent upon the climate of the place. The leaves are trimmed weekly, and watering is thrice every day. The reaping time frame typically begins at 7-9 weeks. Fertilizer might be utilized to build yield.

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