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Birds Eye

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Birds Eye strain by Canadian LP Tweed, Inc. provides potent yet balanced effects that reduce stress and body pains while leaving users to sustain focus and activity.

Joining Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk Haze the most famous and most potent strains of all time. While the first two added to the best growth of the strain, it was the end that delivered it is iconic Sativa effects.

Flavor and Effects of Birds Eye

Bird’s Eye strain tastes really like oranges. If pulled in, the sweet citrus changes into a delightful pine. On the emit, a spicy but tasty note takes over the palate. Bird’s Eye produces an extreme stimulant high that sets in soon after just one toke. As a rush of energy reinvigorates the mind and improves the mood, tired souls begin to glow with happiness from inside.

Medical Benefits of Birds Eye

Bird’s Eye improves the state of mind by removing the burden of those running through life with depression and PTSD. The mental accuracy and stimulation also allow users with ADHD to focus their attention on a particular task. In the same practice, it can also be utilized as a stress reliever.

Negative Effects of Birds Eye 

Users should expect the strain to produce dry mouth and eye. These are mild and very common with cannabis use. Another thing to regard is that the unusual cerebral high may cause some dizziness and even slight anxiety. Such side effects are usually the issue of overconsuming the strain.

Growing Birds Eye

This strain is pretty similar to Jack Herer in the duration of growth patterns. It grows tall and thick. Its sections may need to be held to restrict them from snapping under the weight of the plant’s huge, sticky buds.