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Bio-Jesus cannabis strain hails from the diesel family. It was created by crossing Bio-Diesel and Gumbo cannabis strains. The result is a strain that is popular with all the benefits of being having indica effects. The strain still offers extraordinary potency, which might be the reason most consumers love to smoke it.

Bio-Jesus is good for various applications such as the medical community or when you just want to relax. This strain can help with alleviating pain and dealing with unrelenting anxiety. That is not all as you will enjoy the great flavor filling up the room each time you smoke it.

Flavor and Effects of Bio-Jesus

Since it has elements of diesel strains, it is expected that its flavor will contain traces of diesel. That is not all as you will also experience pine and earthy flavors. This rich combination of flavors leaves you with a spicy inhale and diesel pepper exhale. It is quite the experience of smoking the strain.

Having a THC level of up to 28%, it is expected that some of its effects will be deep relaxation. If you just came out of a crazy shift, you can always use it to relax. The strain is also responsible for making you feel happy and euphoric at the same time.

There are those who claim that the strain makes them creative. Well, if you have hit a dead end while working on a project, this should help boost creativity.

Medical Benefits of Bio-Jesus

There is so much you can do when it comes to the medical benefits of Bio-Jesus. The strain is good for handling anxiety cases. This is thanks to the deep relaxation you can get with the strain. Still, if you are always feeling fatigued, this is a nice way to energize yourself.

PTSD is not something new among people who have experienced a certain type of trauma. Having Bio-Jesus once in a while can go a very long way to calm your nerves down. Many people still use the strain for other conditions such as Insomnia, stress, bipolar disorder, and headaches.

Negative Effects of Bio Jesus

Just like many other cannabis strains, excessive use of Bio-Jesus can lead to having a dry mouth and eyes. The best part is that there is a solution to this. Simply hydrate a lot when you are using this cannabis strain.
In some cases, some users have complained about dizziness when using the strain. Others have complained about slight paranoia too, but these two are not too common.

Growing Bio-Jesus

Bio-Jesus is not the easiest strain to grow. As a result, you will need a bit of experience to grow it properly. It is recommended that you grow it indoors for the best yield. If you grow it outdoors, it should be exposed to enough light.