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The hereditary make-up of this amazing strain stays obscure. Nonetheless, a few cultivators ascribe the strain creation to crossing Cherry OG with an indica hybrid. Its incredible restorative power can be followed to its Indica root. The leaves of this strain are twisted to its stem when cut. 

This strain was first created by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, situated in Washington, United States of America. It has enormous leaves with a shade of green with orange and darker pistils. This strain has whitish trichomes, which gave it a clingy surface. It has a tart cherry fragrance, and when its buds are combusted, it delivers a fine smoke that scents sweet. 

Flavor and Effects of Bio-Hazard 

The effects of this strain are promptly felt after the last hit. Beginning from head to toe, you will feel its unwinding and mitigating impacts. 

You will likewise encounter cerebral incitement in the wake of consuming this strain, which encourages you to conquer temperament related issues. Be that as it may, this strain will likewise give you a calming effect with an expanded portion. The Bio-Hazard strain has cherry, sweet, and fruity flavors. 

What are the Health Advantages of Bio-Hazard 

This strain has incredible medicinal power in treating headaches, throbs, incessant agony, stress, and weakness. Individuals experiencing a lack of ability to concentrate consistently, loss of craving, and loss of memory will likewise discover this strain medicinal. 

Negative Effects of Bio-Hazard 

This strain has negative impacts whenever overdosed or abused. In any case, the negative effect of anticipating from this strain is dry mouth, wooziness, cerebral pains, and creating distrustful sleep. 

Growing Bio-Hazard 

The developing strategy for this strain is indoors, and it requires fertilizer application to upgrade its yield: great lighting and good climate with 70 to 80 degrees. Cutting off the leaves is suggested in any event once every week. Its flowering period starts from8 to 9 weeks. 

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