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Bingo Pajamas

Bingo Pajamas

Bodhi Seeds, a family-owned business, made this pleasant strain out of the combination of Appalachia Green Man and California Kush Queen Kudra. It carries a rich flavor that can provide relaxation and stimulating feel.

This cross has turned into a rare beauty and wonderful fusion that would be patronized by those who like fruity flavors.

Flavor and Effects of Bingo Pajamas

It is a funky strain with a robust flavor that pleases the senses. You will be delighted with the taste of Asian pear together with green apple and undertones of grape that is akin to champagne. A hint of cheese will also be detected by your taste buds.

Consumers become happy, uplifted up to being euphoric with this strain. It can also make them creative.

Medical Benefits of Bingo Pajamas

It can help people who are having trouble sleeping at night. This strain aids individuals to get over stressful events. It can fight pain and depression. It can loosen you up to revive your appetite. It is able to alleviate gastric disorder too.

Negative Effects of Bingo Pajamas

Users end up with dry eyes and mouth after smoking, and it will also happen when puffing this strain. It may trigger anxiety to some who can’t handle it or those who have not taken a reasonable dosage.

Growing Bingo Pajamas

It can be planted outdoors, indoors, or in the greenhouse. It excels more indoors. Growers can produce this strain through cloning and cutting. Its germination can take 1 – 7 days.